Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valle Super Final - New Day

After a mellow rest day of you tube recreation, laundry and friendly debate ranging from politics to the greatest female vocalists and paragliding (of course) our household is ready to take on the day which is looking a whole lot more cheerful today!

Updates: the story of Luca Donini's reserve ride would not settle down so I asked the great man directly. His English is infinitely better than my Italian and he managed to make me understand that he was in fact taking his Enzo to stall and became 'attracted' to the wing in such a way that he got line(s) around the visor of his helmet which upset his glider enough to have need of the reserve. I tried to get his opinion on gliders and got lost in the stream of enthusiastic Italian accompanied by hand gestures and big smiles punctuated by 'eRR Uno Uno' which needed no translation. Another French pilot experienced near fatal 'attraction' to his glider when he tried to stall it out of a cravat and had his helmet ripped off of his by the camera mount. He managed to recover both glider and helmet.

Ary from Sol contacted me and clarified their position. Ary agreed that I could post his response. Ary makes many clear points. One that sticks out for me and one which we who love our ' R Uno Uno' have not made clear is the following: '... take time to understand that 2 line gliders are much more stable but not more safe'.

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