Monday, 30 January 2012

Valle - Day 6

Day 5 proved to be as expected in terms of points.
The first place got almost 600 points. This has upset the leader board a little. Many were not happy about an extended glide counting this much, but in reality this result will be erased by the discard system. The scoring system seems to be working with some debate about parameters. We were under the impression that the last two days of competition were not affected by discards, but Ulrich set the record straight on that one. All tasks are subject to the discard system.
The exact effect of a low scoring task like yesterday will become clear in the next few days. Whatever the case if you look at the ranking it appears to me that the most consistent pilots are at the top of the leader board.
Day 6 dawned with light rain and a sheet of cloud cover. Some are saying the organisors will push for another task today on account of the fact that they have arranged a huge party for the rest day.
Valle is famed for perfect weather and un-interrupted flying. The world cup is famed for breaking drought and inducing monsoon wherever it goes. It looks like the latter is winning this contest!

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