Friday, 27 January 2012

Valle Super Final - Day 3 - Task 3 - Update

A chaotic day now that all reports are in! Four reserve rides including NickG who flayed his glider through the trees and punctured himself in the process. Nothing too serious I believe (just a small thing really). YassenS also went down they say and there was some grumbling about the last tp which was CG but we had to take it in the lee of strong wind which spoilt it for a handful who could not finish as a result. The old style three liners struggled in particular I'm told. Bit of a bummer to go down after 100km All because a poor choice of TP I think. Maybe some pilot pressure will help the task committee see the light. ' FOUR RESERVE DEPLOYMENTS IN ONE DAY' I hear you scream... Well it is Valle and there are 120 pilots flying these new machines pulley to pulley all day (only way to get anywhere) so I think we're getting off lightly.

LucasB is leading the comp now. Fantastic performance

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