Sunday, 29 January 2012

Valle Super Final - day 5 - task 5

Are they serious!? 74 km into the twin valleys of 'no-sun' and 'little-hope'. Don't get me wrong I am the ultimate optimist living a life of naive positivity, but even that version of me was unable to keep the field airborne.

That we managed the start and two TPs was impressive enough, but not even the squadrons of little black raptors showing where the scant lift was saved any of us except for a handful who squeaked another half an hour out of the day. If yesterday was the 'Jacques Martin' of tasks where everyone wins, then today was its' antithesis.

As always there might be one or two freaks who will blow minds by their ability to remain aloft in the dark, but that seems unlikely today given the company I am in driving back on the recovery truck.

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