Sunday, 29 January 2012

Valle Super Final - Day 5 - Murky Morning

Mmmmm... After several clear and crisp days we have a dull, dim and murky morning. Hopefully this means unstable upper air and the forecast about today being better than yesterday is true because I have no ballast to drop should it be one of those terrain inspection tour type tasks!

Even though I know my methodology is statistically suspect, it is curious to see that my little informal opinion poll is starting to show there is a single mind in our world with super final competitors and spectators sharing the opinion that Super Final should be 'free' of equipment limitations. The same optimism and uncertainty about how good two line EN D gliders are for the future of our sport is reflected in the opinions of the handful or so of pilots I have asked here.

Grapevine: does anybody know where Frank Brown and the Sol pilots are and is it true Sol would not pay for their trip to Valle or is it simply that no manufacturer would sell them gliders for fear of copying? You hear weird theories around paragliding pilots, so I was just wondering if anyone really knows?

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Dansk paragliding said...

re. SOL: I spoke to Arys Pradi on the phone during our autumn and he said they were done handing out protos to outsiders. Certifying comp wings is akin to formalised handing-out of protos to outsiders so maybe not in line with company protocol? Time was short either way so maybe they just didn't have time?

Mads S