Friday, 2 May 2008

World Cup 2008 - Poggio Bustone

Italy plays host to the first world cup event of the 2008 season.

After the regular smoke and mirrors 20kg weight limit illusion I eventually managed to get onto the delayed Lufthansa bovine cattle cartage carrier after a four hour delay which resulted in a confusion of shuffled connecting flights and car hire arrangements.

Another two hours of aimless direction befuddlement on the ring road around Rome saw me arriving in Poggio Bustone in the late afternoon.

Travel tip 1: How to make 35kg equivalent to 20kg in four easy steps.
Step One - pack your glider (doh!) which should be around 20kg
Step Two - pack about 5kg of crap into a 'hand luggage' bag
Step Three - transfer the hand luggage crap into flight bag right after the boarding pass has been printed (ignore all protests by feigning deafness)
Step Four - go pickup 20 kg of real hand luggage and pass through some other check in counter

Travel Tip 2:If your SA drivers license card has expired and you have none of the requisite administrative skills required to acquire a new one, proudly present your old Apartheid ID book with the never ending expiry date on the drivers license near the back!! It is guaranteed to illicit an interesting response from the desk clerk who will quickly give up the interrogation when he or she notices the country of origin and the undeniable expiry date of 2016. As in all things, delivery and pose are all important.