Friday, 1 October 2010

Super Final - Turkey - Day 10 task six

An 80km back and forward story was set. It started really well and then the majority picked up the discard at the halfway mark with only one pilot getting around the windy last turn point before rollicking on down wind to goal. Bottom line is that the other 99% of the field picked up the discard they were carrying before today and that has determined the ranking. In short the French champion, Stephan Drouin, has been the most consistent and is now leading from ValicA and Yann Martail. I am in 8th, Russel in the forties and Nevil in the seventies.

Many pilots are somewhat bitter that a system of discards designed to forgive the occasional landing associated with hardcore world cup racing has had the opposite effect of rewarding conservative consistency ala FAI Cat I style purely because of poor task setting. This was the third task set with nasty into-wind sections that have grounded the entire field prematurely. Whatever the case it's too late now to bemoan these things, but I suspect there will be some changes for the next super final. It's been a blast, let's see what tomorrow brings!