Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Valle Super Final -Practice day

A 40km task in the convergence is hardly a chore nor challenge for this field, but the governor of Mexico City was to attend the opening ceremony at 17H30 sharp so the organisers set this screaming task In the convergence to Monarca and back to the lake which saw half the field disappear for prolonged periods of time alternately spiraling hard to try stay out of the clouds in order to finish the task.

Everyone made goal in short order and the guv rocked up with a batch of mean looking body guards who watched us closely standing in the aisles while he declared the comp open before being whisked away Hollywood celeb style in big American cars with blacked-out windows.

My glider turned out to have a mild deformity. I got another one from Joel so we are all set for some hard flying starting tomorrow. Still no clear distinction between gliders.

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