Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Valle Super Final - Task 6

A desperate day of grovelling around 82km. A ten km start on Llana and then onto b27 with a eleven km exit and return before B30 and home. The field split as early as Llana with a small group going along the ridge to the south and the rest returning to Penon... The former group was a little quicker but in the late after noon gloom we all needed one more thermal to complete the task. More than half the field landed after 71-77km. Retrieve got us home late through dirt roads in the forest.

The leader board is messed up a little with yours truly sliding down significantly. Jack did us proud yesterday finishing top five along with Josh and Charles Casaux who won it.

Pepe Malecki jumped the start after setting the task with the committee. He was setting up his glider during the task briefing and did not hear the meet director change the start times. I feel they should give it to him, he has served us well over the years and it is a thankless job.

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