Thursday, 2 February 2012

Valle Super Final - Task 7

A proper Valle day with a decent task starting on Divisidera and then out to Aguila before Monarca via the crazy thermal area in the convergence. Then elefant and one more tp before ESS 5km from Torres. All looked good before a big gaggle went down on the way to the last tp before ESS. The survivors won the day. I elected to fly around the shadow that cut many short getting to goal 12 mins off the pace. Here's hoping the lead out points will shore up some of the damage. Jack and I had a super run out front with Pepe all the way to Aguila and back to launch before the pack chased us down.

Russel went down with the group after Elefant and I don't know where Jack is at. Also no sign of BZ...

We saw one orange Enzo stall out a cravat low on the Divisidera ridge shortly after the start. Pretty ballsy stuff! He got the thing flying after second attempt scooting out low over the trees before climbing out again. Funny how a blue hole appeared around the area of incident as 50 or more competitors avoided the area post haste!!!!

Then there was a reserve ride over the Mesa and another on the way to Elefant. We hope these people are all ok.

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