Thursday, 16 January 2014

2013 Super Final - Govenador Valadares - Day 1 - Task 1

What a fantastic start to the comp (albeit predictable)!  A great day for racing with a 70km out and return with the requisite final glide sprint that saw most of the field finish within ten minutes of one-another.  

One or two gambled at the end and took a few minutes out of the rest.  Positions 5 - 92 were separated by 100 points... It seems flying in the bunch is rewarded and taking risk early is punished.  Having said that I think the lag gaggles would have been punished more severely had the lead (mass) gaggle not got low and slow 5km out of the end of speed section.  whatever-the-case, I hope we get a little more variety or we will see the same procession we had in Colombia last year.  Good news is that the cloud flying wasn't so bad yesterday.

First impression of the gliders: Enzo 2 a little faster than before... IP7 the same as before, and Boom 9 - L has better glide ;-)

More detailed reports to follow as I catch up on my sleep.

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