Thursday, 23 January 2014

2013 Super Final - Govenador Valadares - Task 7 & 8

My apologies for missing a day.  I was feeling in a celebratory mood after landing last at goal half an hour after the second last pilot so I was not in any kind of condition to write coherently. 

Yesterday's procession was won by Yassen followed by the armada.  I think my tardy goal arrival squashed the points because even the pilot in 90th position got 800 points.  Imagine getting stuck for an hour and watching 100 pretty gliders fly over your head when moments before you were with the lead.  It kinda sucks a little.

The good news is that the caipirinha seems to have given me some of my mojo back.  Today was a much longer challenge and I am relieved to know that I can still fly with the lead occasionally.   

The lead-out points tell the story but the day was eventually won by Jean Marc Caron followed closely by YannM and JulienW making it a clean sweep for France.  There were only forty four in goal and another eight agonizingly close and the rest dotted evenly around the course.  The day was mixed with shadow at times so if your timing was out or you got unlucky you landed.  Simple as that!

There has been a shake up in the top rankings with a number of podium hopefuls bombing out.  Stefan Wyss, LucA, RusselO LucaD, CharlesC and AndreasM all bombed today and dropped sharply down the ranking.  Joachim Oberhauser is leading the comp followed by YannM.

Seiko is ahead of Klaudia in the women and Gin is leading the team event.

It is fairly difficult to tell exactly who is positioned best at the top given the discards, but I think the ranking should stabilize after tomorrow making the last day fairly exciting.

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