Friday, 17 January 2014

2013 Super Final - Govenador Valadares - Day 2 - Task 2

I think I will bore the readers if I go on about how awesome the day was, but then the day was truly lovely:

'A geometric lattice of perky young cumulus permeate the picturesque sky;
Cloud base soothing and cool with unlimited visibility in the crystal clear air
Vibrant views of the rolling hills clad in a thousand hues of green'

In fact the mood in the air was amazing too.  You would not think that one hundred world cup pilots were racing around the 80km task on near full bar, fiercely competitive and yet oddly calm and co-operative even tolerant?

A 80km task was set which resembled an isosceles triangle with the base leg extended as an out and return.  There was a little bit of confusion at the start with a number of pilots missing the first turn point as they were tagged onto the lead gaggle like fleece to velcro (baaaahahaha).  It was amusing to see them realize the mistake and scurry back never to catch the lead again. 

The racing was fierce with just about everyone flat out on the transitions.  The lead changed a few times as the gaggles split and got out of synch leapfrogging and cutting corners. As expected, the first fifty pilots were separated by five minutes after two hours of intense racing.  It is what it is, to quote a good friend, and we can expect more clumping if the conditions continue to be this good.  Yassen deserved the win flying in front with RusselO and PeterN.  Three awesome pilots rewarded.

Anton is on fire in the top ten with Andre some fifty points back on the overall standings.  Francois is hanging in there but taking severe punishment on his slower wing: 'Hoe maak mens die A-lyne korter?'   

photo: JF de Villiers

photo: JF de Villiers

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