Tuesday, 15 January 2013

World Cup Super Final - Roldanillo, Colombia

A diabolical travel plan had me thinking I'm not there yet for more than 36 hours we crawled into our sprawling mansion (replete with gym) organised by the boys who have been here all week.  So here's the thing: if you want to travel to Colombia just pay as much as it costs to for the fewest possible number of hops and avoid the walking dead experience. 
We are no fewer than FOUR South Africans present this year which bodes well for any bar-fights we might stumble into given that we are all well over six foot and comfortably proportioned.  The team is: 'Big Red' RusselA, 'st Christopher' Chris from the North, 'Colonel Moeg' Francois Miog, and yours truly.
It was an 'interesting' practise day where we discovered exactly just how much two line gliders don't like rain.  As has become custom in world cup life, if you have a drought it breaks the day before a world cup event.  For those of you who didn't get it or failed to pay close attention to the memo: when they said don't fly these gliders in the rain, they meant to include light drizzle and fat yet sparse rain drops in the definition of rain.  The result is instant parachutal stall.  Luckily no-one got hurt and be warned not to turn or release the speedbar if you stumble into even the lightest precipitation.  To quote a well known designer who speaks with a terrific french accent Laminar airflow is quite fragile.
The world cup zoopa final has arrived in town to great pomp and ceremony with the local community coming out in full force to put on a parade that stretched four city blocks. It never fails to amaze me how many local people participate in the opening ceremony.
Most of the usual suspects are here with the notable exception of Josh (who won the Monarca Open last week and finished 10th in Mexico last year) and a few other awesome US pilots (yes, like you Nick .. and Nate).  One or two french are missing including YannM who has a new-born baby.  Wagga, Guy, Adam and Russel have rocked up for the Brits.  Guy is fully recovered after his ordeal in Sun Valley late last year.  I hope to get him on video about the experience.  I see the swiss, Austrians & Germans are here in full force as ever.  I was happy to see YuriV is here too.  There are far too many good pilots here to list them all so it promises to be .  The rest of the pilot list can be found here: http://pwca.org/node/11439/superfinal-selection.
I will endeavour to report every day.  Wish us luck!!! 

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Good luck my love and to the rest of the boys too