Friday, 18 January 2013

Paragliding World Cup Super Final 2012 - Roldanillo - Day Three - task Two

Heavy cloud cover with drizzle and wind over the back did nothing to dampen spirits, expectations and certainly not ambitions as the task committee valiantly set, re-set and changed the task in order to give the field some chance of a task.  The resulting chaos was characterised by diabolically slow climbs, multiple gloomy death glides and comical attempts at level three calling by dozens of premature ‘landees’.  In one hysterically incident a very well know super-hero pilot (who shall remain nameless) was lined up to land and mischievously called a level three for rain while our terribly tolerant meet director was driving directly beneath him (within slapping distance) in the only sun available all day.  The day was barely bright enough to read the numbers on gliders trying to cloud fly and yet most of the field managed to cover roughly sixty kilometres with two or three getting into the seventies. 
The day was won by MichelS from AaronD and JulienW.  First lady was Klaudia from Seiko & Laurie.
Team SA had mixed fortunes with st Kristoffel and Andre landing with the main group with Moeg and Red a few miles back. 

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