Wednesday, 16 January 2013

World Cup Super Final - Roldanillo - Day 1 - task 1

The day dawned dry and (relatively) clear. We start early so it's up the mountain @ 7:30am with a task start @ 11:30. The entire field got off the tiny launch in under thirty minutes without any queuing or stress.
The task committee set an 82 km affair which gave us choices about the start and first turn point but funnelled everyone into the same track down the valley for the finish. There were three distinct groups on different lines namely: east, middle and west of the valley on the run down to B58 to the south. I was in the middle group pushing forward in the flats with the west group arching back in the mountains. In the end the east group triumphed by a few minutes in a fast and furious task that saw most of the field in goal and the first 90 pilots separated by ten minutes after two and a half hours.
Retrieve was pretty well organised.  There are many happy pilots, and I am proud to report that team SA all got to goal.  We all got in the region of 800 – 900 points despite the apparently lowly ranking.
LucaD took it from ChristianM and AaronD along with a number of other usual suspects.  Seiko was first female.  The lead-out points show how good the easterly line was with almost all of that group taking up the top ten places. Full results here:
There will undoubtedly be some grumbling as cloud flying has become entrenched as a strategy by more than just one or two pilots I am sad to say. 
The new Gin Boom 9 looks to be good with a clean profile and sexy high aspect.

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