Friday, 20 April 2018

World Cup Brazil 2018- Baixo Guandu - Task 4

Today was a really really good day for racing paragliders.... sadly most of this happened without my help as I crashed and burned early at about 40km for another schizophrenic performance.  Luckily for our team Russel and Khobi brought it home giving us hope for the team podium and with Russel close to the top ten.  So there is everything to fly for tomorrow.

I don't know how the race went down, but it sounds like the 90km course was joyful with cloud streets and lively thermals improving throughout the day.

Michael Kuffer won again moving him into top slot in the overall ranking.


Len_S said...

Greetings Andre!

I was so happy to see that picture of Andrew Smith on the PWCA news stream. Seeing that old fart still hanging in there was so inspirational. After I looked at myself in the mirror this morning while shaving and I thought if they put our pictures next to each other the caption would read - " me and that old fart Andrew, separated at birth!"

So now I'm inspired to get back in the game!

All the best to Andrew and to Russell.

Andre said...

message received bringing great pleasure!