Wednesday, 18 April 2018

World Cup Brazil 2018- Baixo Guandu - Task 2

We woke to broken cloud and blue patches and a favorable forecast.  A race of 71km was set to the North on account of the fresh south easterly breeze.  It started with a bang and quickly turned into a whimper as the entire region was closed down by cloud cover.  Most of the field ended up scratching in light lift after the first glide for eternity. 

Yours truly managed to land early after scratching 100m off the deck for an eon.  I take great pride in the fact that I have never come last in a world cup task, but today was close!

To add insult to injury I had these turkeys for company as I walked the 5 km to town contemplating failure:


The rest of the field slogged it out dropping like flies along the course.  Some twenty pilots made goal after three and a half hours.  Khobi was the best of the South Africans followed by Jon, Russel, and Andrew who all got around 40+km down the course.

There is great optimism for the rest of the week.  Today will be a discard for most but there is little scope for errors seeing as we need four tasks to drop today seeing as 25% of your worst score is dropped for every flying day in the scoring system.  

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