Thursday, 19 April 2018

World Cup Brazil 2018- Baixo Guandu - Task 3

So the good thing about coming near to last in a task is that things can only get better as in Howard Jones (have a look at the world class mullet) or the more familiar D:Ream.  And what could possibly be better than stumbling across the line into goal with a really good mate for a one-two South African win.  Top three for Russel and I, first team, and second nation thanks to a strong rearguard performance by Jon.  I had a good talk to stupid-Andre during my walk of shame yesterday among the turkeys and then we just had it all our own way today for once and it felt good.  The lead-out points gave the task to Michael Kuffer by a single point from me with Russel three points behind.

Some superb task setting gave the field all the choice in the world in a 71km dog-leg task.  The whole field was a little gun shy after the grueling survival event yesterday which resulted in a precious conservation glide at the start followed by some medium racing once we were all emboldened by the better-than-expected conditions.

The course took us over Baixo which proved to be the crux as the entire field scattered faced with the choice of multiple racing lines.  My group decided on the northerly route which felt like a touch of convergence while most followed a more direct route and others went to the south enticed by higher terrain and brighter sun.

It was a mellow day with low stress and friendly gaggles.  Khobi was into goal a little later and Andrew landed short after making ESS.  The discards are working in our favour for now shifting Russel and I up the rankings.  Now if we can just hold it together for another day...

Photo Courtesy of PWCA - Phillipe Broers

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