Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ager World Cup 2015 - Task 3 - Flying again!!

We had a looong slow morning to wait out the soaked earth and ground level cloudbase.  

During this time of aimless milling around the world cup pasted ozone's complaint on the notice board followed by DHV's denial and re-test statement.  For those of you unfamiliar with the latest storm in a tea-spoon, I will summarise it for you (or for the parody go to my previous predictive post):  

1. We have a new class of competition glider called CCC
2. Ozone test pilots went and tested another manufacturer's glider because they could not match it's performance (said so themselves)
3. Ozone then claimed foul play and spammed the entire world of paragliding (CIVL, PWCA, DHV)
4. DHV re-tested and denied the existence of a problem and in a letter to CIVL Harry Buntz said they planned no further action (this is the closest you will get to DHV actually showing the finger IMHO).
5. Just about the entire field of bored and agitated competitors groaned a collective groan of despair: "here we go again!".  This is goat-herding at its very best!

By then the cloudbase had lifted and all pilots instantly forgot the manufacturers squabble (I'm coining it man-squabble because if women were running the show this kind of cr@p wouldn't happen).

Pilots are funny like that.  We grumble intensely until it is flyable and then we are in fine form.  It's like herding ill tempered cats who are easily distracted by squirrels:

The task was worthy of the rain and para-waiting.  It featured a dabble out front, a gamble over the back, and a grovel to the east.  Seventy odd kilometers later about half the field got in spread evenly.  


Unknown said...

Andre - Well done to you & Russel - pity that there was only 3 tasks - Looking forward to the next event

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Nice post.....