Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Paragliding World Cup - Ager, Spain - Cancelled Day... Wings over troubled water

We went up to launch today after several delays.  
We went to the briefings several times to be informed of delays.
We went down the hill after the last delay.

The thing about no-fly days is that idle pilots breed contempt.  

It has been a very long time since there was significant controversy in paragliding.  Ok, not that long, but months of relative peace are better than constant bickering right? Normally we would say that is a good thing.  Sadly that is an Ostrich's outlook, because trouble has never really been that far away since the END of Open Class.  The inevitable trouble has reared its fugly head with the CCC (pronounced with a stuttered K'K'K' as in KaKaKa - or lots of doodoo if you're having trouble keeping up).

Rumour has it that certain characters (of a rare gas variety) have been lurking in the shadows seeking an opportunity to take revenge on those left shining after a lets-try-forget-it-and-move-on episode of terrible tarnish.  

A terrible conspiracy is about to break!  Beware the truth will be revealed and the precious ring of supremacy will be regained!  It brings to mind images of the fatally flawed character Gollum plotting against the lovable Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

Aside: It so happens that I am a huge fan of Tolkien.  The only thing that kept me sane in the ten weeks of basic training of my dubious military career was good old John Ronald Reuen Tolkien and his trilogy.  You might say that Tolkien Reuened me (hehe) because I spend much of my life categorising people as a casting director for Lord of the Rings might.  

Back to my point:  It seems allegations of skullduggery between parachute manufacturers are imminent.  

We look forward to a spectacle of world cup class witch-hunting Black Adder Style:

For those of you who can't be bothered with innuendo and intrigue I can only offer this to give you insight into what world cup pilots get up to when given too much time (compliments of François Ragolski with Pal Takis):


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