Monday, 29 September 2008

Castelo - Day 2 - task 2

Monday 29 September 2008
Major Andrew Reporting
Seems you get promoted up the ranks if you blunder into a good position.
Same task, similar conditions without the thermals of yesterday.
Take off was a bit hectic with the wind principally over the back necessitating a big pull up and a leap of faith over the 60deg slope.  Straight through the rotor, absorb a few slappings and into the cloudy valley looking for a one or even a half.  Nice flying if you managed to stay high and avoid the uglies.
It was my day today in the front and styling for most of the course.  Unfortunately I took the front route which wasn't the best today and about twenty sneaky super heroes slipped onto the back hills past me. THAT was the line for today.
Plenty grumbling back at meet center.  It seems the wind was up to 40km/hr in the veturies and plenty pilots were pinned in unpleasant places.  Some were calling the day level 3 to stop the task, whilst others were calling 1 to keep it going.  It looks like that system is falling apart.
Charles Casaux won the day just of couple of km short of goal.
Puppy says: "All in all a fun day with General Schmidt pulling one out the bag... because he can".
Results on the PWC website.


Unknown said...

You girls having fun?

Nice flying, wish i was there!

How about some pics of the girls..!?!? (not you girls)

Anonymous said...

Hello handsome two. Sounds exciting if nothing else.. and well done so far. Hope you have improved conditions and choose a better line next task. Try and make it a double this time and you will make us proud! A hug (for luck)for captian alias major and a kiss (for luck and lust)for my love..

Desi said...

Andre, do you have any photo's of these incredible geological features you're describing? GL for today or whenever nxt you're flying.
Love, Desi xxx

Martin said...

Well Done Smithy Andre pull up your socks I know you can lol

Yes Abes is right where are the girl we do not want to see guys what is wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog! We're checking out the really pretty flying spot in Mexico for 2009. Make us proud!