Sunday, 28 September 2008

Castelo (the hard way)

Saturday 27 September 2008
Captain Crash Smith reporting.
Practice day.

Take off is a manicured tropical lawn perched atop an 800m cliff at the head of a steep and closed valley.

The one and a half hour drive up winds through steep coffee plantations, and the whole way is guarded by towering granite massifs. It is patently obvious that landing is not an option in the tight cable infested fields or natural forest.

Balmy temperature on launch and we run off to join the hundreds of turkey vultures climbing to base.

We all cruise around enjoying the ubiquitous lift taking in the awesome view in particular the huge waterfall. After an hour or so it becomes apparent that the green topography is sliding the wrong way under our feet. A real bummer when in mountainous terrain. So it's a speed bar and big ear fest to get down and into the valley. A small (or humongous in Andre's opinion) blunder sees the author making a last second power line avoidence down wind turn and testing the crash absorption properties of a coffee plantation (see attached pic). We are happy to report no real damage that can't be fixed with another cerveja (ego notwithstanding).

More is nog 'n dag.

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Anonymous said...

Shame thats a small scratch - first day sounds wild all the best regards martin