Friday, 26 September 2008

Castelo (the long way)

Friday 26 September 2008
Andre reporting.

So, dumbo tours managed to upgrade the car and find the english settings for the GPS all before lunch. 400km in 6hrs and now I know how diamonds are born and gold spawned from our resident back seat driving geologist. Would you have guessed it rains in the tropics? Yes folks it is raining a dreary drizzle and the locals swear a ten year drought has just broken (same thing happened in 2005/6). Hooked up with the Austrians and Germans... Carpereinho are calling, words are slurring, streets are blurring, etc etc.


Desi said...

Hi Ans, good luck, thanks for your laugh for the day. Who's the hunk?
Love, Desi xxx

Anonymous said...

Hunk? If you mean the hideously ugly ageing banker who happens to be my travel partner, then that would be Andrew (happily married father of two). Sorry ;-)
Lots of love