Sunday, 18 January 2015

World Championships - Task 5 and the bucket list

World Championship paragliding is like this:  You hack away mindlessly for a decade and a half filled alternately with hope and despair like a duracell-yo-yo.  

The thing that sustains you most is the prospect of a three week holiday in an exotic location doing what you love for your country every two years.   Once in a while you glimpse the elusive pot of gold and you dream of victory knowing how slippery the reality of that dream is.  You end up clinging to the thought of a single day where you might shine.  It has been fourteen years since a South African pilot has won a task at a world championship event.  I happened to be the team manager on that occasion in Spain (2001) and I marvelled at the idea.

Today was my turn!

I only managed to win by a single point,  and in the greater scheme of things, my (poor) overall position negates much, but it was on my bucket list and I would be lying if I said it does not feel good.

Even better is the fact that we are not even half-way through the competition with an optimistic outlook on the weather.  

The top-ten overall leader-board reads like the who's who of paragliding with all the giants present.  I salute you all and thank you for letting me slip through the gaps today gentlemen, I am very much indebted to you!


Ruard de Bruyn said...

Congrats !!! Well deserved! Keep at it and enjoy!

Adrian Thomas said...

Nice on Andre, beautiful end game

Ryan said...

Fantastic achievement! Well done!

Fernanda said...

you are an amazing pilot my love, well done!!!

cat lantai said...

nice song.. great idea, succes 4u