Thursday, 15 January 2015

World Championships - Roldanillo, Colombia - Glider Speculation

Mads, Arnold and a few others have asked me to say something about gliders at this comp.  
Before I begin you must know that they may as well ask the pope if he likes being Catholic because I have always had the best glider.  I'll try anyway:

I have the medium size which I decided on for the handling and the fact that I lost some weight (how I miss beer and apple pie).  My harness is the Genie race 3 (M) and I clip in 1kg below the top (114kg).

Initial impressions are:
- the Boomerang 10 might be slightly better on glide at up to half bar.  I say this after four or five 10km glides yesterday with assorted groups of Ozones and Niviuks.  For those of you who know I cannot be objective go check tracklogs around mine at the first crossing and the final glide which was into wind
- it seems the Boomerang climbs slightly better and can turn tighter than the Enzo 2.  This could be that I am on the M or the conditions suit the wing although I managed to get on top of my goal gaggle in scrappy light lift yesterday (check the tracks if you are sceptical).  One thermal a theory doth not make and I admit I sucked at other times, but I generally feel competitive in the climb
- everyone seems to be able to go more or less the same speed but I feel more able to catch up here than I did in Turkey on my B9.  I find I can go faster than many in strongly rising turbulent air on full bar.  This is partly due to the high stability at speed on the B10.  In this respect it feels like R11 open class without the yaw.

There have been some complaints of floppy wing tips on the B10.  My wing does not seem to have that feature.  I suspect people flying light and/or coming off Ice-peaks and enzos may experience that, but I think a minor adjustment in technique takes care of it.  The wing is very light and responsive so all movement is transmitted to the pilot and I find myself catching unwanted movement very early.  The application of speed bar is light and smooth which may have something to do with the harness/wing combination.  

Basically it is too early to draw conclusions, but I am very happy with my wing so far.

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