Saturday, 10 January 2015

14th FAI Paragliding World Championships - Roldanillo, Colombia.

The FAI/CIVL circus is in town, expect a flood!  

We have arrived!!! It took three full days of multi-mode travel and some serious airport lounge-time. 

Next time all we need are boat, helicopter and dog-sled legs and my life will be complete as a survivor of obscure travel plans.  We made it intact, all equipment safely imported and are happily ensconced in casa Sofia.
Casa Sofia (pic. Chris van Noord)

More importantly, we flew on a gloriously potent day which has made for a content house of jet-lagged yet happy team-mates.

A number of pilots have been here for a week or more and the word is that conditions are stronger than previous years.  Cloudbase was comfortably high and my variometer appeared a little agitated at times screaming at me whenever I hooked into something occupied by Chulo* under virile cumulus.  The ground is dry.

* Turkey Vulture.  The word Chulo means 'Pimp' in Spanish and Portuguese (believe it or not)

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Anonymous said...

Go guys (and girls)!!

Will be watching attentively from Sunny Spain and rooting for you all the way. Shame about your primitive lodgings ... my heart bleeds for you ;-)