Thursday, 26 June 2014

World Cup Portugal - Task Three

The Linhares launch was selected for the third task.  The forecast was good with light westerly winds and a moderate cloud base around 2,000m rising to about 2,500m later.  A slightly more challenging task was set which proved to be too much for more than half the field landing along the way.  

The start was a mincing struggle with random cycles of ten minute duration determining the fate of many.  We were no more than twenty minutes into the task when two thirds of the field got shed like a summer coat with the resulting lead group flying all the way to goal together give or take a couple of moves at the end.  The inhabitants of Chateau Marx had decided the night before to hold a house briefing which proved to be a good thing.  The entire team made goal in the top twenty five positions.  Pepe is lying second by the narrowest of margins followed by Andre and Claudio in fifth and sixth position respectively.  Guy and Emile are in the top twenty with Nuno close and Chris in range.  The camaraderie is second to none in the house and we have every expectation of at least one podium finish if not more.  Marie Marx provided another meal from heaven which had Pepe remarking: 'I never hav to use ze salt or ze pepper ven she cooks ze meal'.  A greater compliment cannot be bought!

All in all a magnificent day of flying in mild conditions.

How we like it!

UFC - Unidentified flying Chicken

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