Tuesday, 24 June 2014

World Cup Portugal - Celorico da Beira - Waiting to fly

The playful mistress that is summer teases by hiding in the fringes of a front pelting the hopeful with frigid blasts of unexpected cold air while dangling the promise of her balmy embrace in the dying embers of the day.
The hours cruise by as anticipation builds in the collective demanding release from the earthbound chains of meteorological grounding.  Two days rest are enough.  It is time to fly...

A late afternoon flight brought sparse relief to some after another day off with heavy rain in the morning.  All are bullish about the rest of the week so we were festive as our hosts produced another feast by way of a classic braai South African style.

Guy and Emile, England's finest, had us in tears telling unspeakable tales of hobbits, mischief and misdemeanor while Arnold demonstrated his two finger pull-up prowess.  This trip is stacking up to be one of the best ever so let's hope the flying keeps pace!

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