Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Winelands Porterville Open - 2012 - Day 3 - Task 3

My grandfather offered this advice on his deathbed: A closed mouth gathers no foot.  I should have listened. 
No sooner had I published the smug celebration of an 'effortless' task win before requiring all the 'effort' in the world to survive task three!  What a complete cluster of bad timing, missed climbs and faulty lines (as in faulty towers).  The comedy of errors had me scratching below 400m on four occasions before tunnelling my way through the mountain to goal with GregH (who managed a better finish).  In the end a number of pilots were gracious enough to slow down at the end to gift me ten or more places preserving my tenuous position on the overall ranking.  The results are here: www.xccomps.net
Andrew Smith: 'Memorable moments from yesterday: spending 20minutes above the wheat fields, I was the absolute lowest pilot in the air and having a wild celebration when I finally managed to get up to have other pilots beneath me; joining underneath the main gaggle hunting the core and getting a solid 4m/s on the average.  About to feel clever.  Look up and watch my mates speck-out @ 8m/s; required glide to goal 2.8 and only just getting in.'
My pilot of the week has to be the guy who has made goal everyday on a beginner glider (EN B), Calum McComb.
Task Summary:
There were reports of 8m/s thermals with some going to 2,500 asl.
For those of you who saw the early opinion forecast of conditions, here is the updated 10H00 sounding from yesterday.  There was a significant difference in surface temperature which saw 42degC.  The adjusted sounding looks like this:

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Mads Syndergaard said...

Hey Puppy glad you are still hanging on to the lead, and also glad to see Schmitty finding form now, although the 3. day of the comp may be a bit late for that ;-)
I was reading the blog on the XCComps website, nice idea with the comments by different pilots. One thing that strikes me is that the foreigners are generally super stoked, while many locals are complaining bitterly; could it be that Sudafries are a bunch of whiners ;-) ? Can you please tell them that this isn't going to make winners out of them? Think positive and your flying will improve!
Mads S