Sunday, 28 October 2012

Day 3 Task 3

Andrew reporting:

Hey girls
Nother perfect paragliding day in the Himalayan foothills.
Clear and stable to start
Some puffs at 3,200m but hard (30 mins) to get up.
Started above a +3000 m knife edge with a spectacular view over the snow covered peaks.
Alas no camera!
Doubted my instrument at the start and went back for a sure dip.
So was on a catch up mission
Indescribably good flying.
Racing through huge bowls just below the sinking base ( it ended up at 2,600)
Have to take the odd climb to cross the fingers (ridges).
Can be hard to judge the first turn - the slopes are so huge that you can't be sure if you're turning just above all bushes or huge trees.
Caught and thru the front group after half way except for the Ruskie who was far ahead.
So 2 nd in, then Nev and Vijay a few minutes later.
Theuns 10 or so more.
All good.
Just had a R6.50 (<$1 USD) plate of Dhal..
Even better.
Av speed 37.
For 77 km o&r.

Tibetan prayer flags outside our digs (photo A. Smith)

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