Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Billing last day

Mr Smith sent this final report from India:

And so it finishes - with another perfect day.
Wind still.
Thermals up to 3.
Inverted but we still managed 3,200m for the start.
Thereafter mainly ridge racing and spin jumping at about 2,500 m.
A shortish 45 - 50 km race.
Nev got it by 40s from me, Vijay a few minutes back followed by Theuns after another 10 s.
So our taxi took the first 4 again.
Overall Vijay may just retain 1st from Nev.
Guprid was in 3rd so depends on the goal points, but he may keep it.
Then Theuns in 4th and me trailing in 5th overall.
We all made goal near the front every day (although I was penalised 450 points the first day!) so job well done by team SA.
We've had 7/7 flying days
The locals are not surprised ... they expect 100% here!

Still a bit ugly on launch. The Russian super hero was penalised 200 pts for cloud flying with shouting and half threats from his 'team manager' unfortunate.

We are going to taxi thorugh the night to reach Delhi tomorrow am.
I will head back while Nev and Theuns travel to the NE of India for a flying festival.

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