Thursday, 2 October 2008

Castelo - Day 5 - Task 5

Bored on launch here's a new format. It' called mashing.

The morning dawned sultry and nothing dawned on the sultries despite the death like slumber. Hot and humid to start we got to the top of the hill and settled into the 'Shadow of the Wind'.

Darkness on the horizon turned into cloud beneath us eerily tracking the sombre tone of my novel.

A task is set in swirling darkness, my shades a shade too dark to see. Mine had to be removed as puppy blundered prematurely to ground. Most of the task is soarable up giant cliffs sporting military crops of still bigger trees. We chat together as we inch up the cliffs amazed that there are a hundred pilots making their way around the course (most ahead of us).

The day started in the teens for both of us overall. This equates to a respectable charge at the head of the weekend warriors. Today has warped that happy picture.


Anonymous said...

well, all i can say to today's scribble is this: No amount of fancy literature or prose can hide a bad perofrmance... and then of course, pull up your socks, just 2 days to go!

and lastly, love you lots

Desi said...

It appears that offering was comprehensible to somebody, at least.
Love, Desi xxx