Wednesday, 1 October 2008

World Cup News

18H39 (GMT-3) Wed 1 Oct 2008.
Hot off the press after PWC committee meeting.
Latest about the 2009 world cup season in the new format:
Seven events which should give more of us a reasonable chance of getting a spot.
Valadares in March (Brazil), followed by Korea, Turkey, Annecy, Croatia with a super final in Poggio (Italian site of the first 2008 event featuring a 112km task).  The seventh event is supposed to be Porterville or Tucuman, but let's wait and see.  They want buses (as opposed to a cattle truck) in Porterville for retrieve.  Can't understand why anyone would need that in the 40degC blustery bliss that Porterville promises... but there you have it.  They also mumble about the size of Dasklip launch.  I have resisted the temptation to explain the necessity of the huge rock that blocks the launch being a shadow fixture that actually ALLOWS relatively safe launches when the south easterly blows.  Let them find out for themselves rather than subject them to some hard-to-grasp African safety concepts I say! 
So the basic idea is to give more people access to world cup events and then determine the overall champ at the super final which will be an extended event of 12 days.  The top fifteen from each preceding event will get automatic entry to the super final with the balance drawn from where-ever (details a bit sketchy).
More news later.

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