Thursday, 30 August 2012

Sun Valley - post mortem

As expected conspiracy theories abound:

Why is it that so few have so much to say and the pilots in the majority are quiet with those who do venture to comment mostly come out in support of the comp organisers?  I was there and I feel I did nothing I ordinarily would not have done free flying.   Having a local monitor conditions for my benefit is a bonus and largely why I choose comps for cross country in foreign countries.  I would gladly attend any comp Mike puts on in future and I would trust him to do the right thing as far as my safety is concerned (again).  Any pilot dumb enough to require a level three call and an instruction to land during a world cup task does not belong.

For the record, the majority of the lead gaggle flew completely off-course out of danger on the last day to evaluate wind strength in the foothills before B52.  I know this because I went first and wasted close on an hour until I got a climb of sufficient magnitude to get safely over the mountain with Marina.  Personally I would have preferred to be on my R11 for the stability, range and speed, but that's another matter.

So knock yourselves out with your opinions, but take the time to thank Mike and all the tough mofo pilots like Nate, Nick, Russ, Nicole and Guy et al for showing us how to behave like real men and women.

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