Friday, 8 July 2011

World Championships - cancelled!

No surprises here! CIVL pulled the plug without really taking any notice of the plebeian pilot masses. I guess Andrew predicted it earliest but at least we have confirmation now: no more open class gliders in FAI I comps.

Part of me is delighted because now the Paragliding World Cup will continue the tradition that Frankie Brown spelled out for us today: 'fourteen years of world cup hosting five events a year and one fatality.'. Perhaps the problem lies with the authorities and not the equipment. And yes, perhaps the exclusivity of world cup is appropriate.

On the other hand as long as badge collecting remains a national passtime each batch of wannabe legends such as ourselves will sustain the bloated FAI whale that wallows in the sea of our CIVL subservience feeding on the plankton of our national pride.

See you soon in a thermal nearby from your ever faithful servant and proudly South African national team pilot.

Andre Rainsford-Alberts

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