Saturday, 22 January 2011

Worldcup Roldanillo Colombia .. Task Six

and so the final day dawned with a higher base elevated the task committee to set a hundred kilometer triangular task.  The task briefings have been entertaining with Luc Armant taking it upon himself to share pearls of wisdom with Ozone pilots everyday.  The first lesson from the unlikely genius suggested that we should not use the brakes in the event of flying in rain until such time as the glider dried out.  another day we were told not to launch with knots in our lines and yesterday he suggested that we should not fly faster than our shadows.
World cup rules dictate that a mximum of six tasks are flown which makes the last day a rest day.... hence a big task.  The conditions were good so the first gaggle completed the task in three hours twenty.  Almost a hundred pilots in goal with the smiling Dane called Marcus Malmquist got in first on the same wing that Mads had in Pville.  Russel managed to hang onto the tail of the first wave securing a tenth place overall.  I got in shortly after and finishing in the top half which was small consolation but better than the threat of hundredth earlier in the week.
Renata won ahead of Elisa and Keiko and Michael Siegel took it from Russel Ogden and PeterN.
All in all a great week of easy flying in a mellow, modest and friendly place. I would recommend it to anyone looking for good consistent easy flying.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome. We haven't seen the sun here in weeks. You may want to consider competitive kayaking upon your return to SA.