Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Chelan - World cup

Day two
120km triangle. 3500m base with 8m/s thermals. Russel and I were with the lead gaggle that scored the first big climb that split the field at the 50km mark. The lead changed several times until the last leg where the lottery was in force. Josh took it from Russel Ogden by a few minutes. Russel in 8th Andre in 10th. Team SA lying second under the banner 'JPA' which is a world cup sponsor which we renamed 'Jungle Para Africa' (from the original 'Japan Para Assoc').
So both Russel and Andre are top ten after two days.
Theuns had the following to say about yesterday's task after surviving cravats and other interesting SIV creatures: 'daai een het mooi tieties... ach ek ek meen oogies'.


Fury said...

Well done on your task win…you boys make us proud!

Unknown said...

Well done on the task win dude, push that bar...!!

Anonymous said...

Go Andre Go!!!

Regards from Sneaky in dusty hot Madrid