Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mexico task 8

Valle by night

Team report.

Today saw the boys in goal and desi doing a 23.6 m/s spiral out of a cloud. Now let me tell you wannabee comp pilots out there, a spiral of this magnitude would render the author unconscious with stretched and shredded lines plus glider. Had it not been for the proof supplied we might have been sceptical.

A fantastic day of 117km back and forward under substantial cloud streets.
Andre 13th two mins late with nev and henry in a little later.

Average speed of 37 km/h and 7m/s thermals.

Here is Nevil's tree experience:


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Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!

Am watching your every move. Enjoy the last couple of days!

Bestest -

Peter (aka the Sneaky of Spain)