Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Paragliding World Cup - Portugal - Montalegre - Day 3 - Task 3

Today was the best so far (for several reasons).  Firstly the 2013 tour was announced.  You will see from the picture that Porterville is hosting the the first event!! Finally!!!!!!!!  What is also exciting is the possibility that if the February comp is up to scratch we have a shot at hosting the 2013 super final in December too.  Rock-on Porterville.  Huge respect to Waldo and Rob for all the years of slog.

Now its time to step up to the plate and show the world what we can do.  A personal plea to all my SA compatriots:  Speak to your club members and volunteer to help by calling Waldo and make it happen.
2013 PWC Tour

Montalegre take-off

Task Three was sublime balls to the wall racing with multiple options a dozen leader changes and airspace drama as Montalegre delivered a festival of flying with many stories of triumph and misfortune.  The altitude limit was set @ 2950m ASL as per GPS and we are yet to see how many casualties there will be.

The group split roughly in half en-route to the eastern most point which was the longest leg but re-joined at the TP and then the race was on to T0709 in the south.  The met report was spot on with light and variable winds with two inversions exactly where predicted.  The lead switched again at T0709 and T2910 with a desperate sprint from T1412 into goal with several pilots losing the plot and landing short unnecessarily.  Russel and I got in top twenty which means Russel will probably improve his 6th place and I will claw a few more places up nearer to page 1.  All in all a wonderful day of flying. 

Vario stats:
max 1s climb: 6.1m/s
max 10s climb: 4.4 m/s
Max sink: -5m/s
Max Baro Alititude 2746ASL
Total Flight Time: 3:42:28
Task Time: 3:04:12
Task Distance: 96.3km
Task Speed: 31.3km/h
Max ground Speed: 79 km/h
Total of climbs for the day: 11161m
Effective Glide Ratio: 8.6
Winning Time: 2:57 (Joel Debons I think)
Winning Speed: 32.5km/h

Russel reports: "First day of strong climbs where watching the ceiling was important.  A long day of racing but happy to keep it together and get a result.  The new glider is amazing and I can easily thermal inside the Enzos in stronger climbs.  The glider is remarkably stable on full speed.  I got to test it many times today on extended glides between thermals.  Confidence with every task.  Wish you here."

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keith said...

Hey guys. Congrats on an awesome day!!! Hope the planned party was also as good. Good luck today....the podium awaits!!