Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Paragliding World Cup - Montalegre - Day 4 - Cancelled

So we were bussed off to Chaves to wait around in the blistering heat.  At the risk of breaking the 'no whining, no moaning , no bitchin' rule in our house, the Chaves launch is a strong contender for worst launch in the world award.  It has not improved with age but we dutifully went through motions and prepared to launch after several delays.  Conditions went from possible to dangerous in ten minutes so it was canned.

A cold beer wagon eased the pain and frustration on launch as we waited to be herded back to Montalegre.

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RyanM said...

I'll trade your blistering sun and mountain top for my freezing cold S hemisphere office.

Keep the news coming.