Tuesday, 21 August 2012


This must be how big game hunters feel when they come to South Africa to bag one of the big five (although I felt more like the prey on several occasions).

195km of sheer thrill.  An absolutely incredible day of flying yesterday.  No one made goal and it took 8 hours to get back to HQ in the wee hours crammed into the the retrieve vehicles like sardines without a single complaint should give you some idea of the general sense of euphoria among the competitors.

Six hours of leap-frog racing through some very heavy moon country with several crossings left a group in front at cloudbase 50km from goal.  I was reminded of a couple of tasks in Chelan..

We have to go up the mountain now, I will publish pics, video and a blow by blow account of yesterday's task for those interested....

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Anonymous said...

stunning! look forward to details! Chrissi