Friday, 21 December 2012

Winelands Porterville Open - 2012 - Day 5 - Task 4

We have been coming to Porterville for ten years or more.  I can quite honestly say that yesterday was probably the best day we have ever had.  A 100km task to Clanwilliam was meticulously set by the task committee and flawlessly executed by half the field.  Any fool that grumbles about task four needs a decade of therapy in my humble opinion.

Nevil took it from Andre and the French by a minute or two followed by the usual suspects.  Anton narrowly missed giving us all another flying lesson when he landed short on final glide a good twenty minutes before the rest. 

Anton and I had a wonderful run down the ridge to Skerpheuwel before going to the moon at Maan Berg @ 5m/s for 1,500m.  Constriction was not working so I hung about while Anton went for the win.

Max Vario (1s): 7.1m/s
Max Vario (10s) 5.4m/s
Max Alititude: 2345m ASL
Total Climbs: 12,132
Effective Glide: 8.3


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